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Due To Covid-19 - Deliveries May Take Between 4-7 Working Days
Due To Covid-19 - Deliveries May Take Between 4-7 Working Days


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Pure Bovine Gelatine Powder
  • Excellent gelling agent
  • Source of protein
  • Perfect for use in baking


What is Gelatine?

Gelatine is a flavourless, high protein powder and is commonly used as a gelling agent in food. It is typically white to light yellow in colour and is obtained from animal sources. Ours is obtained from Western cattle and the particles are standardised to 20 mesh and 200 bloom.

So, what are mesh and bloom?

Mesh represents the size of a particle, the size of 20 mesh would account for particles 0.85mm or below in size. Bloom is a test to measure the strength of gel created by the gelatine, the usual results are between 30 and 300 Bloom. The higher the number, the stronger the gel is.

Who is Gelatine suitable for?

Gelatine is suitable for any keen home baker. It is perfect for making your own jelly, trifle, cheesecake and other desserts. It can also be used as a thickener in sauces and to add a source of protein into meals. Our Gelatine is of bovine origin, from Western herds.

How much Gelatine should I use?

This will really come down to the requirements of your recipe. If you’re using Gelatine to thicken sauces then we’d recommend starting with half a teaspoon and stirring thoroughly, more can be added until your sauce reaches the desired consistency.

What goes well with Gelatine?

If you’re making your own jelly desserts, why not try using some of our Freeze Dried Fruit Powders and Dried Goji Berries to boost the nutritional profile. Xylitol can also be used as a sugar alternative if you’re looking to limit your intake of this nutrient.

Nutritional Info

Typical values per 100g
  • Energy:1462 kJ
  • Energy:344 kcal
  • Fat:Trace
  • of which saturates:Trace
  • Carbohydrates:Trace
  • of which sugars:Trace
  • Protein:86.0g
  • Salt:0.5g
100% Bovine Gelatine
Allergen Info

Suggested Use

Use as directed by your recipe.