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Due To Covid-19 - Deliveries May Take Between 4-7 Working Days
Due To Covid-19 - Deliveries May Take Between 4-7 Working Days
The Three Tips For Your Six Pack

The Three Tips For Your Six Pack

We see so many different training routines to build up your abdominal muscles but which really work? Well, the key I will say is that you do need to get your nutrition on point first off and aim to reveal those abs either before or after you have built them if not you will never reap the rewards for your hard work.


I have found three of the biggest things over the years that have helped many clients get strength and build a solid six back, I will go through these with you in this article today. Is there science on this? Maybe, maybe not, but what there has been is countless results of people developing their abdominals from using these techniques.


 Hold The Movements

These are called isometric holds and basically, from seeing so many people just doing countless crunches without results I stopped and got people to not just think about the muscle more but actually stop mid movement for a seconds or two, really squeeze and connect, finish the movement, hold, connect then return to the starting point. In doing this the clients weren’t able to do as many ‘reps’ but they did extend their time under tension which is the time you are putting the muscle under a certain stressor from a certain movement. This also gave them something we all like ‘DOMS’ (delayed onset of muscle soreness) that next day feeling of a good session completed, after being consistent this helped develop a real strong core.


Slow Down The Movements

Along with holding the movements I got clients to slow things down, feel the abs from start to finish and finish to start, every time they moved they knew the abs were engaged. Too many people will, again, just countless crunch and end up hitting their hip flexors and just using momentum, which is great if you want to do 1000 ‘crunches’ but if you want a six pack, it is probably the worst thing you could ever do. Take a good 2-3 seconds up, hold and then take a good 2-3 seconds on the downward portion of the movement, I guarantee again as above that you will get better development from your midsection, it will pain you to only be able to do a few reps at the start but then you will love it.


 Partial Holds

This is a little like the holding movements but instead of holding it middle and at the top I get clients to imagine a clock, they are on the decline bench and their head is at about 4-5pm, they will stop at 3pm, 2pm, 1pm and 12pm holding a good second at each range of movement, then repeat it back down, this is one of the best techniques for killer abdominal sections I can guarantee. I have my twitter open to take questions from you if there are any specific things you would like answered then please get in touch @OJayPT and don’t forget to use PDOJAY at the check out for extra discount
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