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Due To Covid-19 - Deliveries May Take Between 4-7 Working Days
Kit Free Home Workout

Kit Free Home Workout

Goals, Goals, Goals, wonderful things they are and sometimes it feels like people are always moving the goalposts right? Well, it doesn’t have to be this way at all. The secret to reaching your goals comes down to two things, number 1, actually having a goal in the first place and number 2, having accountability for this goal.


Let me explain.

Someone says, I am going to lose weight? Great that is totally cool, but how many times have you heard people say this and take no action, Why? Because that goal doesn’t have an end date and usually is pretty unrealistic alongside having no accountability so here is what I do with all my clients to make sure they reach their goals.
  1. We agree on their goals as long term and short term – If someone wants to drop say 10% of body fat this may take a long while for some people to do, it may demotivate people when they have 6 months to change things and they need smaller goals to aim for. I break these goals down into a halfway goal so they need to be halfway there by halfway into the process, and then smaller goals even then, weekly and daily goals. Here’s an example

6 months to lose 15% body fat 3 months to lose 7-8% body fat 1 month to lose 2-3% body fat 1 week need to train and keep to at least 80-90% compliance with nutrition too. 


Breaking it down into smaller goals makes it so much more realistic throughout.

  1. Make sure you are accountable – this sounds a silly one but a big thing here even if you are a coach is hiring another expert yourself and a lot of people see this as a weakness which NO it is not, it is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Through each of my shows (well I think the second one I didn’t have a coach) I have hired a coach, someone with just as much or more knowledge of me to hold me accountable, this is something I believe is essential to being your best. If you are dieting for a show your mind will play games with you, if you are prepping for a meet then you may feel ‘strong’ one day and lift another 10kg pushing you a little further.
Hiring a coach or finding accountability another way is the big thing I feel is needed to hit your goals. Another way of making yourself accountable is this – Find someone to take before pictures and say ‘if I am not in better shape in 10 weeks post these all over social media’ you will be surprised how much motivation you get!
  1. What happens if you don’t hit your goal? – This is something that takes a lot of digging and I have seen people cry when going deep enough here. It sounds silly but picture this. You don’t like your body and want to improve, you obviously feel pretty strong about this to even be contemplating making a change, so, what will happen if 12 months have passed and you are still in the same place as before? You haven’t lost that extra bit of body fat, you are still stuck at 1 plate a side on the bench press, you can’t squat your own bodyweight (these aren’t bad things just goals I have had in the past when I started out in the fitness world) Be honest with yourself and you will find the reasons you want to change, I guarantee.
So there you go, a short and simple way to guarantee you hit your goals throughout your fitness pursuits, honestly, don’t stick with fitness it will work in all aspects of life too. Have a great day. Ollie @OJay1986  
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